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AstroSoar has some discounts for selected categories of products. They can be implemented via coupon codes, buyer can use each code unlimited times. Our cart checks matching of code to conditions of application, if check will pass buyer will get concrete discount on order. Here is table below showing coupon codes, discounts, conditions (quantity, subtotal) and categories.

All available coupons being added from time to time, all actual coupon codes will be here only, so please follow this page or subscribe to our news. 

ASTROSOAR-Coupon-code--M3OVER399D ASTROSOAR-Coupon-code-M6OVER659D ASTROSOAR-Coupon-code-M10OVER999D

Save $3, Coupon code: M3

Save $6, Coupon code: M6

Save $10, Coupon code: M10


Save 3%, Coupon code: M3P

Save 4.5%, Coupon code: M45P

Save 6%, Coupon code: M6P

ASTROSOAR-Coupon-code-M75POVER35D ASTROSOAR-Coupon-code-M90POVER45D Subscribe to us and Get Extra 10% Off.

Save 7.5%, Coupon code: M75P

Save 9%, Coupon code: M90P

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Loyalty Program

astrosoar loyalty and coupons

Loyalty program is discounts mainly based on total history of orders and monthly basis. Every registered customer is allowed for Loyalty program. Accumulate purchases and get discounts, all is simple.

Shopping points are calculated only if the product it's already in the cart, so in the product page always show 0 (zero) points.

Conditions of our loyalty program are listed in Registered customer account, all loyalty points are available when the packages delivered and can transfers to vouchers.


Important note: About registration of purchases for loyalty program. Customers should be always logged in our store for registration purchases in loyalty program, because our store allows purchases with guest check out on site. So there can be situation when you buy something using your username (email), but forget to log in. In this case purchase will not be registered to account's history and loyalty program.

Please remember if you want to accumulate purchases - always be logged in our store.